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Shell scripting in macOS


This course will teach you about the shell (command interpreter) as a tool for automating tasks in an macOS environment

You will learn system variables and the most common program structures (if, while, for, case), and how they are implemented in a shellscript. We will also dive into process and resource handling, and how shellscripts can be used to to increase efficiency on the macOS platform.
You will use the languages awk and sed together with pipes to extend the functionality in shellscripts. Practical tasks will be emphasized.

There are several shells to choose from (csh, sh, zsh, bash etc.) and they have much in common and some important differences. This course will mainly be about Bourne shell (sh) and Bourne Again shell (bash).

This course is possible in cooperation with Redpill-Linpro AS.

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Vereiste voorkennis bij deze training

Some experience with use of command line to manipulate files is required, as well as knowledge of the most common commands in an macOS shell. Experience with other programming languages is an advantage.
You should have knowledge equivalent to the course macOS Command Line


Professional and home Users of macOS.
System administrators and other with responsibility for operating macOS computers.
Anyone wanting to be more effective on the command line.

Lijst van onderwerpen

Introduction to scripting
Common commands
Redirection and pipes
User input
Stable shell
Secure shell
Others shells
bash configuration files

We can offer this course Shell Scripting in macOS and the course macOS Command Line together in one 5-day bootcamp.
Please contact us for details.


€ 1575
excl. BTW

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