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Aruba Advanced Mobility Troubleshooting and Solutions (0001132011)

Aruba Advanced Mobility Troubleshooting and Solutions (0001132011)

Training nr.Examen nr.TijdsduurTypeTarief
01126291HPE6-A725 dagenHybride€ 3100 excl. BTW
01126290HPE6-A735 dagenHybride€ 3100 excl. BTW
0001130965HPE6-A703 dagenHybride€ 2025 excl. BTW
0001130962HPE6-A715 dagenHybride€ 3100 excl. BTW
0001130183 HPE6-A67
5 dagenHybride€ 3100 excl. BTW
01128147HPE6-A663 dagenHybride€ 2025 excl. BTW
0001130961HPE6-A475 dagenHybride€ 3100 excl. BTW
01128122HPE6-A784 dagenHybride€ 2700 excl. BTW
0001168726n.v.t.2 dagenHybride€ 1350 excl. BTW
0001130943n.v.t.3 dagenHybride€ 2025 excl. BTW
0001132833HPE2-W071 dagHybride€ 2000 excl. BTW (group)
5 dagenHybride€ 3100 excl. BTW
5 dagenHybride€ 3100 excl. BTW
5 dagenHybride€ 3100 excl. BTW
5 dagenHybride€ 3100 excl. BTW

Build a better understanding of the Aruba technologies, design mobility first networks, strategize your implementation/configuration and your troubleshooting methodologies.

This course is structured to help the student build a better understanding of the Aruba technologies, designing mobility first networks, strategize their implementation/configuration and their troubleshooting methodologies. This course teaches how to take a complex scenario and break down into manageable blocks and while still managing your time accordingly. This course is approximately 35% lecture and 65% hands-on lab scenario-based exercises.

Bereidt voor op deze certificeringen

Aruba Certified Mobility Expert (ACMX)

Vereiste voorkennis bij deze training

Highly recommended prerequisites are the Aruba Certified Mobility Professional (ACMP) or an existing Aruba Certified Mobility Expert (ACMX) certification.


Typical candidates for this certification are networking IT professionals with a minimum of three to five years experience in designing and integrating complex enterprise-level Mobile First Networks that are preparing for ACMX written exam and/or ACMX lab exam. Also, IT Professionals that are looking to further advance their expertise/knowledge on HPE Aruba Mobility technologies for career growth.

Lijst van onderwerpen

  • Infrastructure & Redundancy
    • Analyze Functional Requirement for Aruba Architecture and troubleshooting zones
    • Mobility Master redundancy (L2 vs. L3)
    • Clustering (L2 & L3 deployment and Hitless failover)
    • Multi-controller Operations
  • Planning, implementing and troubleshooting Campus AP and Remote AP Provisioning
    • WLAN Provisioning
    • Secure employee WLAN
    • Guest Access
    • Remote AP
    • IAP VPN Development
  • Planning, implementing and troubleshooting advanced services and security solutions
    • Role Derivation & Firewall Policies
    • Dynamic RF Management (AirMatch, ARM old)
    • Voice & Video Optimization
    • AirGroup
    • Dynamic Segmentation
    • Multizone
    • RFProtect (WIDS/WIPS)
    • Advanced Aruba OS (AOS) Features
    • CPSec
  • Planning, implementing and troubleshooting Network Management and monitoring
    • ArubaOS Dashboard
    • Airwave
    • Spectrum Analysis
    • Monitor using Clearpass

The price for this course excludes any costs for taking an exam. If an exam voucher is taken after the training, an additional invoice will be sent.


Aruba Advanced Mobility Troubleshooting and Solutions (1132011)

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