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Integrating HPE Synergy Solutions (1092982)


Design, configure and integrate HPE's composable infrastructure and Synergy solutions into a customer environment.

This course teaches expert level composable infrastructure and HPE Synergy solutions integration skills using a mixture of hands-on data center simulators, Real Synergy Hardware, and live facilitator instruction. Students will learn how to describe, demonstrate and design HPE Synergy solutions to meet customer technical and business needs. Students will also practice creating configurations and infrastructure installations and learn about troubleshooting and ongoing optimization.

Please note that the HPE Product Certified - OneView [2016] or [2018] certification (see 1064181 or 1113500) is also required to achieve the HPE ASE - Synergy Solutions Integrator V1 certification.

Data Center Knowledge Credits: 32

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Bereidt voor op deze certificeringen:

  HPE ASE - Synergy Solutions Integrator V1

Vereiste voorkennis bij deze training

HP ATP - Server Solutions V2, V3 or HPE ATP - Server Solutions V4 certification (see 1098692) or HPE ATP - Hybrid IT Solutions V1 certification (see 1120590).

To get the most benefit from this course you need prior experience with architecting IT solutions and a working knowledge of individual HPE hybrid infrastructure components including:

Servers, storage, networking, IT operations, software, security, and services
HPE OneView
HPE Virtual Connect


Systems Integrators
Sales Consultants
Technical Consultants
Systems Engineers
Sales Engineers
Field Support Technicians

Lijst van onderwerpen

Efficiencies of Hybrid Infrastructure
Transformation Solutions
Composable Infrastructure
HPE Synergy Management Innovation

Aligning Synergy to Business Needs
HPE Supports Traditional and Emerging Business Needs
How to position Synergy
Why Synergy, why now?

Installing Synergy Infrastructure
Synergy Solution Infrastructure Design
Management Experience by Role
Synergy Fabric Innovation
Applying the Synergy Fabric Portfolio to the Workload

Configuring Synergy Infrastructure
Infrastructure Administrator Role
LOB IT/app Developer Role

Optimizing Software-Defined Compute
Synergy Composable Computing
Applying the Synergy Compute Module Portfolio to Workloads
Building Out Synergy Compute Modules

Implementing Software-Defined Storage
Typical Storage Decision Issues and Solutions
Addressing Diverse Workloads
Synergy Storage Components
Storage Hardware Configuration Rules
Stateless Deployment Options

Working with Synergy Image Streamer
HPE Synergy Image Streamer

Creating a Customer Configuration
Creating a Synergy Configuration for a Customer
HPE Synergy Planning Tool
HPE Watson/SBW
Building a Synergy Solution for a Specific Customer Workload

Managing the Synergy Life Cycle
How does Synergy Simplifying Life Cycle Management?
Using the HPE OneView REST API
HPE Synergy Troubleshooting

The price for this course excludes any costs for taking an exam. If an exam voucher is taken after the training, an additional invoice will be sent.




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