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The best Apple, HPE and Aruba courses guaranteed

LAI has been the training institute for IT Professionals since 1987. We provide Apple, HPE and Aruba training without compromise! We aim for 100% customer satisfaction. And we attach guarantees to that. Not happy, money back!

100% money back guarantee

We want you to be 100% satisfied. If this is not the case, we offer you a 100% money back guarantee.



  • The student has completed all evaluations about the training within three days after the end of the training.
  • If LAI is of the opinion that the student is not part of the target audience and has made this known in advance, this guarantee does not apply.
  • The student has indicated during the training that he/she is not satisfied. This gives LAI the opportunity to still satisfy the student during the training when something is not satisfactory.
  • The money must be requested back in writing within 30 days after completion of the training.
  • LAI will refund the registration fee within 5 days, the cost of the course materials is excluded.
  • When registration and invoicing has been done through a third party, this guarantee does not apply.

Always the best course materials

We want you to always get the best course materials. Therefore, you always get the paper book and the e-book. We then provide you with the most up-to-date version with each training.



  • In some courses there is no e-book, in some courses there is no paper book. Depending on the course you will get one or both kind of materials.
  • In case of registration shortly before the start of the course, the paper book may be available later. In that case, the course will have to be started with the e-book.

Always a hybrid training

A hybrid training is a combination of a classroom training and a virtual training.



  • When we have only received registrations for either a classroom training or a virtual training, the training will only be delivered as that type of training.
  • Some courses can not be combined into a hybrid training due to technical or organizational limitations.
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LAI CertProtect


Why CertProtect

Your employee has attended an LAI training and has passed the corresponding exam. If this employee leaves your organization within six months after the start of the training and takes this knowledge with them, you can register another employee for the same training free of charge. This is how we at LAI make sure the knowledge stays within your organization.



  • You send LAI a copy of the exam result.
  • You send a written statement including the date on which the employee no longer works for your organisation.
  • The imminent termination of the employee’s employment is not yet known at the time of the training.
  • The replacement registration takes place no later than one year after the start of the first course.
  • LAI does not provide course materials for the second registration. If you wish to receive new course materials, you only pay the cost price.
  • The replacement registration can only be definitively confirmed if the training is actually delivered by us and takes place.