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HPE and Aruba can be taken at LAI, Apple exams can only be taken from home / office in a closed room, more information can be found below. Please contact one of our training coordinators via [email protected] or + 31 10 2042220 if you have any questions about exams.

HPE and Aruba exams

All HPE and Aruba certification courses are completed with an exam. In some cases it is possible to take the exam after the training, in other cases it makes sense to study parts of the training before taking the exam. HPE0 exams and HPE6 exams are proctored exams that must be taken at a Pearson VUE testing center. It’s possible to take these exams at LAI, we are also a Pearson VUE testing center for HPE and Aruba. * Please note, HPE0-xxP exams are performance based exams where candidates work with the hardware or software during the exam. These performance exams take place in a secure environment at certain test locations. HPE2 exams are web-based exams, which are taken on the internet via a secure web browser. These exams can be taken on the Pearson VUE website for HPE. More information about HPE exams can be found on the HPE website. To take an exam you will need an HPE Learner ID and a PearsonVUE HPE Testing Profile.

Apple exams

Currently we’re unable to facilitate the exam delivery. Exams can only be taken from home / office in a closed room, where you’ll be proctored remotely through the webcam & microphone of your Mac. The costs for the exam are US$ 250 (excluding VAT). Registration and payment of the exam can be completed at: https://training.apple.com/acrs.

To take an Apple IT and pro apps exam, you need an Apple ID.