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Have a DIY Fusion Drive? Don’t forget ‘trimforce enable’ !

Posted on: 15:23 by Maurits

Since the introduction of the Fusion Drive by Apple I was impressed with the simplicity of use and overall performance of the Fusion Drive. It just feels like a large SSD.
In my Mac Mini 2009 I have replaced the optical drive with a third party SSD, and created a DIY (Do It Yourself) Fusion drive of this SSD with the existing hard drive. Read on how trimforce enable brings back speed to my Mac Mini.
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Local DeployStudio setup for classes: 10.11 Issues solved

Posted on: 14:03 by Maurits

All our Mac’s are configured with a local partition (RestoreX) that contains a full OS X System, with a local DeployStudio setup to restore the other partition for use in training.
We do this to be able to restore Macs at the start of each class without the need to build an ethernetwork first, which is useful when we are travelling.

With 10.11 we had to make a few changes to the workflow we used since 10.5 times, due to SIP.
In this blog I will show you what are the issues with DeployStudio 1.7.2 on OS X 10.11/SIP, how I solved them with a script using diskutil mergePartitions and diskutil splitPartitions, and some more details including my complete workflow and lessons learned.
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Bypassing System Integrity Protection using DeployStudio permanently (?)

Posted on: 10:38 by Maurits

Last few weeks I have been diving into System Integrity Protection (SIP) part of OS X El Capitan to better understand it.
Most interesting for me was the discovery that when a Mac is booted from recovery you can edit the ‘restricted’ parts using the chflags command. According to Apple the permissions for system files will be repaired with system and security updates, but testing the 10.11.1, .2 and .3 combo updates did NOT repair permissions I changed with the example below.

Some applications require write permissions to folders that are normally restricted by SIP, so this seems a workaround for these applications, that is why I share my findings.

In this post I will show you how I used DeployStudio to run a script to change the permissions on a Mac System, and keep these ‘less-restricted’ permissions while SIP is enabled.
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