The setup of an iPad can be a piece of cake

Posted on: 02:28 PM by Maurits

During the training Managing Apple Devices you will learn how to use MDM, DEP and VPP to make the setup of your iPad a piece of cake!


In class you will have you own server with MDM, two devices to manage: a DEP enrolled iPad and a MacBook, a VPP/DEP account to assign software to iPad’s and Mac’s.

See for yourself how easy it can be for users to setup their iPad:

1- turn on iPad
2- select Language
3- select Wifi connection
4- (must) enter company credentials
5- Start using iPad

You will recieve most configurations, lots of App’s, in this example OneDrive, automatically.

Further steps a user can do:
6- will have to enter password (only that, nothing more) for services (mail, calendar, etc)
7- will have to set a secure password settings (one of the settings we have managed)

(note that you have fewer steps than the regular setup assistant)

The setup of a Mac can be just as easy, learn that in class


Here is a movie with the whole process, no time lapse, in under 3 minutes and 30 seconds, including additional software and email account!

Curious to learn how to do this kind of things in your organisation?

Find when you can go to the next Managing Apple Devices training!

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