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Creating HPE Software-Defined Networks (991245)


Designing and implementing Software-defined Networks.

The course provides an overview of SDN concepts, architecture, and network design elements, as well as how SDN-enabled applications can dynamically control network behavior and make deploying new solutions more efficient and less time consuming.

Students will learn how SDN is used in networking environments and how SDN separates the control and data plane using OpenFlow as the open standard transport mechanism. SDN “use cases” are utilized to demonstrate how SDN can be used in real-world situations to solve network challenges, and demonstrate the implications that SDN will have on the current and future network designs.

Students will learn how to implement the HPE VAN SDN Controller into an existing network by installing, configuring and licensing the HPE VAN SDN Controller. During the course students will be installing, configuring and testing the HPE Network Protector along with the HPE Visualizer SDN Application in the hands-on labs.

After the course, students will have a solid understanding of SDN concepts, how it works, why it is used, and how the HPE VAN SDN Controller can be implemented in an HPE network.

This course is approximately 50% lecture and 50% learning activities and hands-on lab exercises.

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Bereidt voor op deze certificeringen:

  HP ASE - FlexNetwork Architect V2
  HP ASE - FlexNetwork Integrator V1
  HPE Master ASE - FlexNetwork Solutions V2

Vereiste voorkennis bij deze training

Option A:
HP AIS - Network Infrastructure [2011] or HP ATP - FlexNetwork Solutions V1/V2/V3 certification or similar experience with HP Comware and Provision switches.

It is strongly recommended that the candidate first completes one of the ASE core courses, Architecting HP FlexNetwork Solutions (887054) or Deploying HP FlexNetwork Core Technologies (832513) and passes the associated exam.


Option B:
HP ASE - Network Infrastructure [2011], HP ASE - Wireless Networks [2011] or HP ASE - Network Architect V1 certification.

Option C:
HP Master ASE - Network Infrastructure [2011] or HP Master ASE - Wireless Networks Implementer V1 certification.

Option D:
Third-party certification (H3C, Cisco, Juniper), please contact us for more information.


Networking architects/integrators.

The Creating HPE Software-defined Networks course is suitable for all IT Professionals who want to build knowledge and skills around SDN. The focus of this course is on designing and implementing Software-defined Networks.

Lijst van onderwerpen

Meaning of SDN, from a technical and a business perspective
Integration of SDN in the HP FlexNetwork Architecture through SDN use cases
OpenFlow as the open-standard transport mechanism used for making SDN possible
Enabling the seperation of the control and data planes with OpenFlow
Difference between OpenFlow 1.0 and 1.3
Enhancing the the network performance, security and simplification with SDN, via applications such as Sentinel
Transition from traditional networking to Software-defined Networking
Installation and configuration of the HP VAN SDN Controller
Configuration of the HP VAN SDN controller communicating with different components, both internal and external to the controller, via secure channels
HP VAN SDN Controller RESTful API, including information about RSDoc
Use of script to make API calls, focusing on application implementation rather than development of applications
Configuration of a controller team to provide high availability in a SDN environment

The price for this course excludes any costs for taking an exam. If an exam voucher is taken after the training, an additional invoice will be sent.




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