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Tech Data: Selling the Value of HPE Hybrid IT Solutions (1120338)


Course in preparation for HPE Sales Certified - Hybrid IT Solutions [2019].

This course provides IT sales professionals a competitive advantage by understanding industry and technology trends and transitioning to a more strategic value-based selling approach. The course focuses on value-based selling strategies and tools with an emphasis on becoming more conversant in the language of HPE Everything-as-a-Service, Software-defined, and Intelligent storage solutions. A value-based selling approach will help IT sales professionals uncover opportunities and thrive in today's changing IT environment.

At the end of the day the HPE2-E70 exam will be taken.

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Bereidt voor op deze certificeringen:

  HPE Sales Certified - Hybrid IT Solutions [2019]

Vereiste voorkennis bij deze training

Experience with selling to mid-sized customers


Experienced IT sales professionals at HPE Partners

Lijst van onderwerpen

Digital Transformation and Trends
- Disruptive technologies/ the changing the business environment
- IT must transform to make their company more competitive
- Foundational understanding: why companies need EaaS, - Software Defined solutions and Intelligent Storage

The Transition to Value Selling
- Selling has transformed as customers’ needs have changed
- The case for a value-selling approach
- How HPE supports our partners value selling efforts

Flexible IT (Everything as a Service)
- Business drivers for EaaS solutions
- Engaging in business level conversations to qualify customers for HPE EaaS solutions and explain key benefits
- Key distinguishing values of EaaS (HPE GreenLake)

Shift to Software Defined--Hybrid Cloud
- The value of HPE software-defined solutions and how to engage in business-level conversations to qualify customers for these solutions
- Explain and position various HPE software-defined solutions
- Key distinguishing values of HPE software-defined solutions

HPE Intelligent Storage
- Business drivers for HPE Intelligent Storage
- Engaging in a business level conversation to qualify customers for HPE Intelligent Storage solutions and explain the solutions benefits
- Key distinguishing values of HPE Intelligent Storage

The price for this course includes the costs for taking the exam.




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