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Implementing Advanced Backup and Recovery Solutions (1113250)


Identify, recommend, and explain HPE and Partner backup and recovery solutions.

This course teaches students how to identify, recommend, and explain HPE and Partner backup and recovery solutions. It covers data protection and retention theory, supporting technologies, and HPE and Partner software solutions. The course also covers sizing, planning, and best practices.

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Bereidt voor op deze certificeringen:

  HPE ASE - Storage Solutions Architect V3

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One of these certifications:
HPE ATP - Storage Solutions V3
HPE ASE - Storage Solutions Architect V2
HPE ATP - Data Center Solutions V1
HPE ATP - Hybrid IT Solutions V
HPE ATP - Hybrid IT Solutions V2


Typical candidates for this course are IT, facilities or data center professionals who work in and around the data center and who have the responsibility to achieve and improve the availability and manageability of the data center. Typical candidate job roles include but are not limited to Pre-sales Architects, Pre-sales Engineers, Enterprise Architects, Solutions Engineers and Technology Architects.

Lijst van onderwerpen

Module 1: Introduction and theory
List data protection and retention challenges
Describe the backup strategy planning process
Explain the terms downtime and availability and their business impact
Describe the impact of MTBF on the IT environment
Use Recovery Point Objective and Recovery Time Objective as parameters for backup planning
List and describe the basic backup methods
Describe the differences between backup topologies
List and describe the disaster recovery levels

Module 2: Supporting technologies
Explain the Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) framework and its integration ways into backup applications
Explain the differences between a snapshot and a clone
Describe the rules regarding snapshot relationships
Describe the key features, benefits, and advantages of Remote Copy (RC)
Explain different types of RC implementations
Explain the differences between synchronous, periodic asynchronous, asynchronous streaming mode
Use synchronous long distance (SLD) mode for replication between three arrays

Module 3: Software to support BURA
Discuss the features of software used to support HPE BURA solutions:
- Data Protector
- Veeam
Explain HPE Cloud Bank Storage
List Catalyst integrations
Discuss iCAS

Module 4: Recovery Manager Central
Explain the theory of operation of HPE Recovery Manager Central (RMC)
Describe the way RMC handles data (Synthetic Backup and Multi-streaming Support)
Explain the available deployment methods
List the system requirements for RMC
Describe RMC workflow
Explain Express Restore
Describe Integration with Veeam Explorer
Explain the data protection methods such as snapshots and backups
Describe Remote Copy configurations used in RMC
List RMC-X integrations
Describe Licenses required

Module 5: HPE StoreOnce features and technologies
Describe the benefits and details of deduplication
Explain VTL/NAS Replication and Catalyst Copy
List newest Catalyst features
Describe StoreOnce Security Pack features

Module 6: Sizing, planning, and best practices
Describe HPE StoreOnce best practices and planning process
Discuss backup performance tuning for HPE StoreOnce
Plan HPE StoreOnce replication
Plan RMC performance, sizing and placement
Compare various data protection solutions

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