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macOS Mojave, iOS 12 and technology update


A one-day update course for experienced support technicians to learn what is new in macOS Mojave and iOS 12.

This course offers an in-depth discussion of the features and technologies of the new macOS Mojave (macOS 10.14), iOS 12 and latest products. You will do several exercises to see how the new technologies work and what effects these may have on your Macs and iOS devices.

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Vereiste voorkennis bij deze training

Experience on the level of macOS Support Essentials ,iOS Support Essentials ACMT or ACiT


Anyone who supports macOS or iOS, but specifically Apple Certified Mac Technicians and Apple Certified iOS Technicians

Lijst van onderwerpen

What is new in macOS Mojave
- Upgrading to 10.14
- T2 & Secure Boot
- Touch ID
- Imaging
- Many small updates and background technologies
- Known incompatiblities and solutions

What is new in iOS 12
- Upgrading to iOS 12
- Many small updates and background technologies
- Known incompatibilities and solutions

Service Essentials
- Service Tools update

Servicing new Products (features, service procedures, tips & tricks)
- MacBook Pro (2018)
- iMac Pro (2017)
- iPhone Xs / Xs Max / Xr
- HomePod

Other issues
Agenda will be updated to include recent product announcements and new service procedures.


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