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Configuring HPE GreenLake Solutions (01129162)

Configuring HPE GreenLake Solutions

Training nr.Examen nr.TijdsduurTypeTarief
HPEPRESL1n.v.t.5 dagenKlassikaal€ 1995 excl. BTW
5 dagenHybride€ 3375 excl. BTW
01122327HPE0-S575 dagenHybride€ 3375 excl. BTW
5 dagenHybride€ 3375 excl. BTW
01128323 HPE2-T364 dagenHybride€ 2700 excl. BTW
0001131290HPE2-K453 dagenHybride€ 2025 excl. BTW
01129162HPE0-P261,5 dagHybride€ 900 excl. BTW
01123303HPE1-H015 dagenHybride€ 3375 excl. BTW
01125005HPE0-V123 dagenHybride€ 2025 excl. BTW
0001168182HPE2-E741 dagHybride€ 195 excl. BTW
0001168183HPE2-E751 dagHybride€ 2000 excl. BTW (groep)

Identify, describe, design and propose HPE GreenLake solutions. This course prepares you for and includes the HPE0-P26 Configuring HPE GreenLake Solutions exam.

This course is specifically designed for HPE partner presales professionals to help identify and qualify HPE GreenLake opportunities as well as design, propose, and quote HPE GreenLake solutions. On the second day, the course will be concluded with an exam preparation session and students will take the HPE0-P26 exam.

The course content includes:
• The HPE GreenLake Opportunity and the industry trends that drive customers to new consumption models
• Articulating the HPE GreenLake value proposition to customers and the significant opportunity for partners
• How to qualify the HPE GreenLake customer and the HPE GreenLake sales process
• Designing and quoting an HPE GreenLake Solution
• Building the business case for an HPE GreenLake Solution in technical and financial terms
• The final steps in the sales process that lead to quoting and proposal as well as the change order process

Bereidt voor op dit examen

HPE0-P26 Configuring HPE GreenLake Solutions

Vereiste voorkennis bij deze training

Not applicable


Channel Partner Presales Solutions Architects, Sales Engineers, or individuals in sales and/or presales technical roles who sell, design, and configure HPE GreenLake solutions

Lijst van onderwerpen

  • The HPE GreenLake Opportunity
  • Selling the Value of the HPE GreenLake Portfolio
  • Qualifying the HPE GreenLake Customer
  • Designing the HPE GreenLake Solution
  • Building the Business Case
  • Finalizing the Solution

The price for this course includes an HPE0-examvoucher for taking the HPE0-P26 exam.

Configuring HPE GreenLake Solutions

  • The course will be delivered in English.
    When all students and the instructor speak Dutch, the course will be delivered in Dutch.
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