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Aruba Design Fundamentals (01128147)

Aruba Design Fundamentals (01128147)

Training nr.Examen nr.TijdsduurTypeTarief
01126291HPE6-A725 dagenHybride€ 3100 excl. BTW
01126290HPE6-A735 dagenHybride€ 3100 excl. BTW
0001130965HPE6-A703 dagenHybride€ 2025 excl. BTW
0001130962HPE6-A715 dagenHybride€ 3100 excl. BTW
0001130183 HPE6-A67
5 dagenHybride€ 3100 excl. BTW
01128147HPE6-A663 dagenHybride€ 2025 excl. BTW
0001130961HPE6-A475 dagenHybride€ 3100 excl. BTW
01128122HPE6-A784 dagenHybride€ 2700 excl. BTW
0001168726n.v.t.2 dagenHybride€ 1350 excl. BTW
0001130943n.v.t.3 dagenHybride€ 2025 excl. BTW
0001132833HPE2-W071 dagHybride€ 2000 excl. BTW (group)
5 dagenHybride€ 3100 excl. BTW
5 dagenHybride€ 3100 excl. BTW
5 dagenHybride€ 3100 excl. BTW
5 dagenHybride€ 3100 excl. BTW

Gain the fundamental knowledge for an Aruba network design.

This course provides you the fundamental knowledge for an Aruba network design. This course will teach you basic knowledge on the Aruba product lines to help you design an Aruba network with the assistance of a senior designer. This course teaches you how to read a customer request and extract information you need to design a wired and wireless network. You’ll learn how to use VRF, a tool that helps you determine the wireless coverage needs. You will also learn how to use IRIS to create a BOM for wired and wireless equipment and a basic network diagram. This course is approximately 50% lecture and 50% hands on lab exercises. This 3 day course will help students prepare for the Aruba Certified Design Associate (ACDA) exam.

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Bereidt voor op deze certificeringen

Aruba Certified Design Associate (ACDA)

Vereiste voorkennis bij deze training

Minimal Aruba Networking knowledge.


Typical candidates for this course are IT Associate who are new to Aruba and want to learn about the Aruba products and the tools used to help design a network.

Lijst van onderwerpen

  • Basic product line introduction
    • Basic introduction to Aruba products
  • Information gathering
    • Review customer information
    • Wireless questionnaire
    • Wired questionnaire
    • User counts and application used
    • Security requirements
    • Physical environment
    • Lab Activity
  • Racks and Cables
    • RU specification
    • Rack types
    • Patch panels
    • IDF/MDF
    • Cable limitations
    • Transceivers
    • Fiber limitations
    • Lab activity
  • The use of IRIS
    • New projects
    • IRIS sites and groups
    • Adding network devices into IRIS
    • Selecting transceivers
    • Connecting devices
    • Creating a BOM
    • Lab activity
  • The use of VRF
    • VRF Navigating
    • Campus, buildings and Floorplans
    • Planning APs
    • Lab activity
  • Aruba indoor APs
    • AP types
    • Indoor APs 11ax
    • Indoor APs 11ac wave 2
    • Desk wall mounting
    • Mounts, antennas and accessories
    • IRIS adding APs to BOM
    • Lab activity
  • Aruba outdoor APs
    • Outdoor APs tolerances
    • Outdoor AP specifications
    • Point to Point APs
    • Indoor Rugged APs
    • Outdoor ruggedized Mounts
    • IRIS adding outdoor AP to BOM
  • MM, MC, VC planning
    • The MM, MC, VC portfolio
    • MM capabilities
    • Mobility controller features
    • Mobility controller specification
    • Licenses
    • IAP clusters
    • Lab activity
  • Wired Devices
    • Wired Architecture
    • Aruba OS switches
    • Aruba CX switches
    • HPE office connect switches
    • Lab activity

The price for this course excludes any costs for taking an exam. If an exam voucher is taken after the training, an additional invoice will be sent.


Designing Aruba Solutions (1130961) | 0001130961

Aruba Design Fundamentals (1128147)

  • The course will be delivered in English.
    When all students and the instructor speak Dutch, the course will be delivered in Dutch.
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