course name: Apple Certified Macintosh Technician
code: ACMT
description: The ACMT course prepares participants for the required certification exams, which will be taken by the end of the course.

- Mac Service Certification Exam (9L0-012)
- OS X Yosemite 10.10 Troubleshooting Exam (9L0-066)

With the achievement of both exams the participants show to have sufficient practical knowledge to repair Apple Macintosh systems in an efficient and responsible manner and to solve OS X-related problems.

Some Apple products may require separate qualification exams. The participants will be informed during the course about the most recent qualifications, for which they will receive webinars and vouchers after the course.
prerequisites: The participants are expected to have experience with the installation, configuration and maintenance of PC's, diagnostics and basic network tasks. Preferably at the level of the CompTIA A + certification.
target audience: The ACMT course is designed for service technicians who are employed by an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP) or companies with a Self Service Account (SSA). Technicians who are not employed by an AASP or SSA can show their knowledge and skills of Apple products to demonstrate the achievement of the ACMT certificate. With obtaining the certificate ACMT technicians are emphatically not authorized to repair Apple products. This is reserved to AASP's and SSA's.
subjects: The following subjects will be discussed:
- Apple reference tools
- Apple diagnostics
- Apple hardware tools
- Apple troubleshooting theory
- Basic Computer theory and terms
- Underlying computer technologies
- Technician safety
- Power Management
- Wireless Networking
- Current Apple products
- OS X Client, installation, configuration and troubleshooting

The training includes both Apple certification exams and the qualification exams that are available at the time of the course.

The price for this course includes costs for location, drinks, lunch and course materials.

Please note
We can also organize this training course on other locations / in other countries than where it is planned at the moment. If your company has several students to be certified, we can discuss the possibilities for an in-house course.

Please contact our training coordinator at for more information.
length: 5 days
price: € 2625 excluding VAT
language: English/Dutch
12-10-2015 9h30 - 16h30 in Schiedam
13-10-2015 9h30 - 16h30 in Schiedam
14-10-2015 9h30 - 16h30 in Schiedam
15-10-2015 9h30 - 16h30 in Schiedam
16-10-2015 9h30 - 16h30 in Schiedam
language: English
16-11-2015 9h00 - 16h30 in Stockholm
17-11-2015 9h00 - 16h30 in Stockholm
18-11-2015 9h00 - 16h30 in Stockholm
19-11-2015 9h00 - 16h30 in Stockholm
20-11-2015 9h00 - 16h30 in Stockholm