course name: Deployment of OS X with DeployStudio and Munki
code: LDEP
description: This three-day workshop focuses on solutions for deploying Mac's, keeping them up to date using OS X Server and a selection of the most popular Deployment Tools.

This workshop is a combination of lectures and hands-on cases.
Students get hands-on experience in using tools such as Apple Remote Desktop, Disk Utility, System Image Utility, InstaDMG, PackageMaker, DeployStudio Server and Munki and discuss the pros and cons of each for different deployment situations.
prerequisites: Experience with OS X and OS X Server in a network environment
Experience using the command-line interface with OS X
target audience: This class is for OS X System Administrators who need to know how to streamline the process of installing and configuring a large number of computers running OS X.

Compared to the 2-day training Mac Management this course focuses more on getting things done in a workshop way, including scripts and command line tools, but does not prepare for certification
subjects: Deployment lifecycle
Planning, deployment, postimaging tasks, updates, monitoring

Overview of tools

Installation and packages
Creating packages to deploy files, applications and scripts, installation using the Installer GUI and cli version, automating installations, third-party installation tools, and troubleshooting installations

System deployment techniques
Creating a cloned system image, creating a modular system image using InstaDMG, deploying system images, command line tools: hdiutil, asr, third-party system image creation tools, and deploying Boot Camp

NetBoot and DeployStudio Server
Creating NetBoot and NetInstall images with System Image Utility, configuring the NetBoot service, setup a DeployStudio Server, DeployStudio Workflows, and DeployStudio automation.

Client configuration techniques
Preparing and customising the model Mac before imaging, command line commands to configure a client, using launchd for post-install configuration, running postinstall scripts using DeployStudio, and third-party postimaging configuration tools

System maintenances
Creating your scripts for periodic maintenance, Apple Software Update Server, other update tools such as Munki, periodic DeployStudio updates, and using Apple Remote Desktop for maintenance

The price for this course includes costs for location, drinks, lunch and course materials.

Please note
We can also organize this training course on other locations / in other countries than where it is planned at the moment.

Please contact our training coordinator at for more information.
length: 3 days
price: € 1575 excluding VAT
language: English/Dutch
20-4-2015 9h30 - 16h30 in Schiedam
21-4-2015 9h30 - 16h30 in Schiedam
22-4-2015 9h30 - 16h30 in Schiedam